WHERE TO TEACH ENGLISH IN VIETNAM || ILA, Apollo, VUS, APAX, British Council or Wall Street English

Are you in the middle of your extensive overwhelming research trying to decide which company to teach English at in Vietnam? Then this is the video for you as it will cut your research down to just 20 minutes and hopefully you will have a better idea of where to apply.

In this video I talk about ILA, Apollo, VUS, British Council, Wall Street English and Apax. I had interviews at most of these companies, my friends work here and I work at one of the companies which I give an in depth review on.

Time stamps:
Wall Street English – 1:52
British Council – 5:03
VUS – 8:50
Apollo – 11:26
ILA – 13:30


I hope you enjoyed the video!

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19 thoughts on “WHERE TO TEACH ENGLISH IN VIETNAM || ILA, Apollo, VUS, APAX, British Council or Wall Street English

  1. Hello. I was super interested in completing a Celta in Vietnam. My only concern is that I read that if you're from the UK then the Celta certificate has to be notarised in the UK. Do you know if that's true and would that mean flying to Vietnam to complete the Celta then having to fly back to the UK to notorise the correct documents? What was your experience of this? look forward to hearing back.

  2. Hi Eve. I'm planning on starting my CELTA with Apollo in a month or so time. The only issue I am having right now is finding an appropriate way to pay for the course. Have you got any suggestions on how this should be done? I am from the UK as well. Thanks!

  3. I had an interview with VUS. The person said I made the next stage & attached paperwork needed & general information about the contract. I asked if I can see the contract. The person said only after orientation which means after I arrive in Vietnam. Was this the case with your friends or anyone that has worked in VUS????? I've never met an employer who refused to send a contract, especially to someone overseas.

  4. What intrigues me about VUS is no lesson planning, everything is prepared for you, you just show up, where as at ILA you have to structure every single lesson yourself. That can be very time consuming.

  5. They have shared folders at VUS for teacher resources and lesson plans.

    Also, the 3 hour lessons are only for the higher level students. Everybody Up and below are 2 hours

    Apollo is a horrible place to work at. Went from Apollo to Apax. They have the most unpaid admin work out of them all. VUS was a great first job because of the workshops but Apax to me is better out of the 3

  6. I’m Vietnamese but can speak advanced English considering im from Canada. Maybe I could work there when I’m old enough?

  7. Hi! You mentioned that during your CELTA course you were briefly told about the salary, would you mind sharing that info? I already had my interview and am now waiting for them to decide if they want to hire me or not. I'm curious to know what's their hourly rate. TIA!!

  8. Hi Eve. Another great video as always. Did I hear you correctly that the first company pay 42 million VND but requires you to stay after class for many hours after class until 9 of 10 p.m.? I apologize if I misheard you.

  9. This is so helpful thank you! Me and my partner are currently in the middle of doing our combined TEFL course and I'm already starting to think about jobs! It's pretty overwhelming. I think one of my main concerns is the start up costs to get out there cos we are currently in the UK so it's nice to know there will be some companies that actually help cover.

  10. Hi! My wife and I are planning a move to Vietnam from the US sometime next year. She is originally from Vietnam, but moved to the US when she was 5, so she speaks Vietnamese fluently but can’t really read or write. We were thinking of teaching English but are just wondering what other types of opportunities we might be able to find. What other types of jobs are available to foreigners?

    She’s an accountant (graduating from a Masters in Business Administration at the end of the year), and I’m an attorney. So both of us have post-university degrees. Do you think schools will care about the fact that we have additional education?

    Would you recommend waiting and taking a course when we get to Saigon? I’d prefer an in-person course, and I don’t think I can manage that while working full time in the States. I know you said you took a CELTA with Apollo. Any other recommendations? There are so many options!

    Also, just wanted to throw out that we have a one year old mixed-race son, so I thought it was funny that you said you spent your whole interview talking about that. Would love to hear more about your experience with that since we’ll be living it soon!

  11. Yo, dude, nice vid. I'm with APAX now and do 42 mil a month before tax. 37 after taxes. They did just change the contract for the 5th time this year, but, for me, that's the normal month to month pay (keep in mind, I work in rural town far in the North).

  12. I'm curious, do you work with any Asian native-English speakers that get paid your salary? I want to know if it will be worth it to teach English in Vietnam for a short stint for my sabbatical.

  13. Hi Eve! Thank you for this video. I’m about to have a interview with APAX. Do you mind just telling me what that was like? Thanks so much!!

  14. This was a really informative video, thank you for the amount of detail and honesty!

    I'm a non-native English speaker with a CELTA and a few months of teaching experience in my country (in Western Europe). I was wondering what's ILA's policy when hiring non-native speakers, do you have any as co-workers?

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