This Is WHY You Need To Visit Ninh Binh I Vietnam Vlog

Probably the BEST province to visit in Vietnam. Check out our video to see why you need to visit Ninh Binh province Vietnam.

After Hoi An we took a bus to visit the most favorite province in Vietnam for many travelers. The Ninh Binh province has so much to offer. From caves to plantages and amazing viewpoints around Tam Coc. You gonna love it!

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38 thoughts on “This Is WHY You Need To Visit Ninh Binh I Vietnam Vlog

  1. Hey guys, we have been a little bit busy these days because we met some travelers and we decided to spend some time with them. We have such a great time in Ninh Binh and it was absolute MUST do in Vietnam.

    If you're new here don't forget to subscribe to our channel we've got some cool videos coming from Japan very soon 😍

  2. What did the lady say when you were working on that pipe?? lol! The underground river reminds me of the one in Palawan 🙂

  3. Nice one….. It is beautiful….
    We also made a video… Hope u will like it

  4. Really nice scenery great from drone. Lovely in those rice fields … looked so peaceful n quiet. Great vlog thanks. Bushyboy Oz

  5. Nice vlog guys. It is a very nice province, it became a popular destination not only because of its beauty but also, I think, of the filming of the last King Kong movie….Enjoy and look forward to seeing your next destination.

  6. Another beautiful vlog guys. I'm constantly impressed how you work hard to find places away from the normal, even when the typical local tourists show up. Your (dangerous) sunset shots where a perfect topper. Be careful on those tiny ledges my friends 🙂 And eat more exotic foods, Lol.
    Always great fun to see your travels!
    Best wishes, James and Kim

  7. Thanks. Nice vid again. Too many tourists for my liking but people have to make a living so, it’s all good. My only question is how these places survived the French and American wars.

  8. Beautiful country, very scenic like Philippines. Vietnamese are friends of the Filipino people, we had some of them in Palawan sometime ago. Excellent video.

  9. Ninh Binh was probably one of our favorite places in Vietnam, so beautiful ♥️ It looks like it was a lot more green while you were there though!

  10. Wow, looks so amazing there at the end. I'm glad – thank you for saying "be careful" and wear shoes, I would be terrified ha ha.

  11. The skirt really suited you haha my wife had same problem in Cambodia at the temple but she just had to stay outside 🙁

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