Revisiting Assassin's Creed Origins In 2020 Made Me Even More Excited For Assassin's Creed 2020

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Assassin’s Creed Origins 2020 Made Me Even More Excited For Assassin’s Creed 2020
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37 thoughts on “Revisiting Assassin's Creed Origins In 2020 Made Me Even More Excited For Assassin's Creed 2020

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  2. Not my favourite but I like it a lot it’s cool but the games are losing the assassins creed feeling they’re turning into RPG type shit I want something like ac 3 again or a real assassins creed game in japan so we can be like a ninja/samurai type of character or in China aswell

  3. As a kid ancient Egypt always fascinated me so seeing a game from one of my favourite franchises with modern graphics made me very happy, i like this game it's definitely one of my favourite assassin's creed games perhaps even the best one :)!

  4. My ranking of all AC Games
    1. Odyssey
    2. Origins
    3. Black Flag
    4. Unity
    5. II
    6. Brotherhood
    7. Rogue
    8. Revelations
    9. Syndicate
    10. III

  5. I had to rebuy origins for the digital collection and started replaying it after odyssey and I have to say it's my favorite assassin of all times, can't wait for Valhalla!

  6. God I wish that origins was the 2020 game, I mean Egypt is such a good location and origins on the next gen seems so good and cinematic

  7. Will im try buy it its on sale gold edition 20$ i played it already last year but my psn got banned but made new account i can still use my ubisoft account for last has all my outfits unlocked and i never played ac odyssey because I didn't want to play it ill probably play if its 10$

  8. just started to revisited the game this week to finish up the trophies I missed or glitched. gotta say I’m enjoying it way more than my first play through, probably cause I know what to expect whereas being overwhelmed the first time. And I dropped the black flag expectation as well.

  9. The game is an absolute masterpiece. So is Odyssey but it has a very different feel to it. Bayek is a fantastic protagonist.

  10. Can you play all the trials of the god in 2020……as i heard it was a limited time event….??

  11. My first ever AC game bought last week $15 and man it delivered well for me who dislike AC in the past. Very enjoying the game nd defs want to play others

  12. Origins had a much better story and characters than odyssey and made me care more. However I prefer the world if Ancient Greece and it’s just more fun to roam around in. Gameplay is better in odyssey but it’s still far from perfect.

  13. I still haven't played origins because I never had anything to play it on. I'm getting a new console at the end of this year…Do you think origins is a good game to pick up? I`ve heard it`s really cheap.

  14. I liked a.c. odyssey the best because it satisfied my traveling between distant lands fantasy. I think my favourite a.c. is ac 2 ,but a.c. odyssey is not far behind if they had trimmed away some of the fat.

  15. Sometime while playing Origins for the first time, I was running across the desert, just taking it in, when I saw a beautiful embroidered silk scarf drifting in the wind. The music changed to something so calming, and gamer as I am, I chased the scarf, like one of the almanac pages in AC III, I thought it was a collectible. I ran across the desert only concentrating on the scarf when suddenly, the trance broke as I had mistakenly entered a desertside camp, the enemies spotted me and you know how it goes, it goes slow-mo for a second and I saw the scarf disappear slowly within that second as the enemy raised their bows at me. That is a true mirage. That I would think is how people are taken into trouble following an illusion. After taking the camp down, I stood there and let it all sink in. One of my best gaming moments ever. Origins has so much soul. The way bayek loses his finger, the feather weighed against the heart giving us a glimpse of how Altair's feather ritual came about. It was a true origin story for the brotherhood. The Hidden Ones.. the ones who fight from the shadows to protect the light. Whatever came out after that was way too pretentious. Odin is with us? Really? As you raargh and aaargh through a bloody battlefield? That is not an assassin. That is not how the creed was born.

  16. I was gonna buy this game and DLC but then I really wanted to odyssey but its FUCKING OVERPRICED for being 2 years old ubisoft is close to becoming EA

  17. Just started playing for the first time, love it. Took me awhile to get used to the parkour system after beating syndicate. Still need to beat the first 1 lol.

  18. i have played around 10 hours of this game so far and i think already it is my favourite assasins creed game the combat is better than the old ones because the other assasins games combat was too easy

  19. Origins haves a better story , characters (immersive) , Combat ,Movement/Motion of your character. Great MAP Egypt had me Overwhelmed when I first got into it but it just made you want to grind the game even more.

  20. A really good game lasts for decades and Origins is that kind of game. Take Witcher 3 for example, it is still playable al those years later and if someone didn't know they would think that it was released last year or something. Quality always remains.

  21. As someone who has a passion for Egyptology, the attention to detail was pretty damn impressive. From the Gods to the flora and fauna. Sick!!

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