Reasons Why Lee Hyo Ri Married Sang Soon [Radio Star Ep 534]

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38 thoughts on “Reasons Why Lee Hyo Ri Married Sang Soon [Radio Star Ep 534]

  1. Her story of how her husband never gets angry and attributing it to his parents somehow reminded me of my son…I'm a single parent and I have a 12 yr old son…even when he was a baby i have never heard him cry unnecessarily…he never threw a tantrum…until now i have never seen him angry…i myself am not someone who gets angry easily…

    Maybe she has a point…but then i'm always on my toes because people like these are more dangerous than those who are more expressive… I myself wouldn't know how my son would be if he becomes angry…they're like dormant volcanoes

  2. I love Lee Hyori so much cause she is not like other typical Korean girl, she like to be her own and being different from the rest. She being brave to embrace her flaws that is why she have natural beauty.

  3. After watching Hyori's Bed and Breakfast and learning more about Sang Soon, I seriously feel so in love with him and their relationship. Hyori and I are similar in ways where we can be a little on the crazier, moody, and outspoken side, and seeing how Sang Soon is the total opposite but matches with her so well made me realize I need to find a man like him. It's now my goal to find a soulmate like Sang Soon.

  4. This is very typical. People who are surrounded by good looking people as a job, tends to want someone totally opposite…still, does not change the fact that she could have gone for anyone, and she choose him…don't get it, but as long as they are happy, and love each other.

  5. She chose the perfect guy for her. He knows her and understands her.
    He may not be a handsome guy but it doesn't matter because those handsome guys she dated before could never understand her like he does.

  6. Shes had alot of abortions in her past. She needs to repent and come of of the television. Not a good example. She slept aeoind for a musoc career..bad girl

  7. Lucky for her , i wish i can have the same (my personality is similar to her a lot except for the bathroom thing )

  8. Marry for heart and personality… looks fade with time. My weakness is a great sense of humor, a quality all my past exes have in common.

  9. We already what kind of guy he is watch lee hyori bed and bread fast on netflix and then you’ll find out he’s the perfect guy 🥺😍

  10. I have watched her show and I find incredibly rude that she keeps explaining why she chose her husband, she has a very big ego, she expects people to recognize her and refers at herself as sexy, or super star, lol. Koreans seemed to value looks over personallity, her husband is kind, smart, talented, faithfull, funny and the list goes on, the kind of man you marry and be happy, she makes it sound like she feels she settled when it looks like the guy is keeping her together.

  11. Her skin.. her hair… just gorgeous. It's refreshing to see a korean artist with a nice tanned colour.. not looking pale and white like some.

  12. I like it 👏👏👏
    Choose someone to be with not only by look but by his Attitude and character 😍😍😍
    I wish I can find my future husband like Lee Hyo Ri Husband. Who can hear and stay by my side by being myself and not getting tired from it ❤️❤️❤️

  13. She has always been strikingly beautiful to me and the fact that she remains natural makes her the most beautiful Korean actress to me.

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