January 11, 2021

Longevity: Journey into the blue zone | TechKnow

In this episode of TechKnow, we explore the regions where people enjoy a longer life of good health, regions known as Blue zones.

Acciaroli is one such region. It is part of what is known as the Cilento Coast of Italy, situated 140 km south of Naples. It has a high concentration of centenarians living there.

According to researchers from Rome’s Sapienza University and the University of California, San Diego, one in every 60 of its residents is at least 90 years old.

This Mediterranean region has become known for good health supplemented by diet rich in fresh produce, pasta, olive oil, and rosemary.

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  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼Natural the best! WE have to learn al though we don't live there

  • Blue zones: Where the centenarians live in
    Centenarian: A person who lives to 100 or more years
    Sardinia: An island in the Mediterranean sea
    Personalities of a centenarian: They often exercise, healthy

  • How about taking into account their overall quality of life? Are they stressed? The other thing to consider is strong community which provides a safety net, so to speak, they are not alienated like a large number of elderly individuals are in other countries. Also check the chemistry of the soil, this may give a clue- micronutrients.

  • Seit über 50 Jahren wird die die Insel von Militärs und Waffenherstellern benutzt um:

    neue Geschosse, Bomben und Drohnen zu testen,
    Soldaten und Piloten zu trainieren,
    Kriegsszenarien durchzuspielen,
    alte Waffen, Munition und gefährliche Chemikalien zu verbrennen, zu sprengen oder zu vergraben
    Bombereinsätze zu starten.

    60% aller italienischen Militärbasen befinden sich hier; die Basen des italienischen Militärs, der NATO und der Amerikaner beanspruchen ein Drittel der Land- und Seegebiete der Insel. Während militärischer Übungen auf See werden die gesperrten Seegebiete auf knapp 19.000 Quadratkilometer erweitert.

    Die Test- und Schießplätze in Quirra, Teulada und Capo Frasca

    Innerhalb der Schießbereiche sind die Verseuchungen, die Krebsfälle und Geburtsfehler am höchsten. In diesen großen Gebieten im südlichen Sardinien werden von den Waffenherstellern und den Militärs folgende Aktionen ausgeführt:

  • they have a good sense of community and the lifestyle there seems very laid back which reduces stress. All the 5 bluezones have something in common is staying active, eating vegetarian or nearly close to vegetarian and keeping active outside

  • ORMUS WATER! (Youll need to purchase a water filter machine, but hey its worth it) A TABLESPOON OF TURMERIC A DAY! (i know it may taste quite gross, but you want to live to 120 right?) MORINGA LEAFS! (This is the healthiest plant in the world with 98 nutrients and antioxidants in total, the next most healthiest plant in the world only has 28 nutrients) good thing i have 30 trees of moringa/malunggay in my garden😅

  • people don't rot away like they do in some places where you see the elderly locked up in nursing homes bored to death

  • im a little confused. are the researchers saying that the younger generation in THIS community is more stressed? If so, maybe it's not the environment at all that contributes to this longevity but rather, the older generations' values…

  • Yet their life expectancy is virtually the same as Canada, having a few Centenarians seems meaningless………Basically a few outliers live to a long age which could easily be explained by the warmer climate alone.

  • I was a guest of an Italian colleague in his family home in Northern Italy, where the air is fresh, the water is fresh, everything is fresh! I sat on a sofa with his aged mother and was gobsmacked when she suddenly jumped over the back of the sofa and went off to the kitchen! Must be something in the natural lifestyle!

  • In Asia we believe that if you have Buddha's ears, you live longer. That means you have that long ear with big lobes. I hope people will study that and look at the percentage. They also need to look at the blood type of these people!

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