Jaguar XF 2018 saloon in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

Believe it or not, this is the new Jaguar XF. It may look like the previous model, as Jaguar seem to be borrowing Audi’s idea of uniformity in design, but noticeable changes have been made if you know where to look. For example the new XF now weighs 190kg less than the previous model thanks to an aluminium body. The previous model also did well to drive buyers towards the British manufacturer and away from German rivals such as the Mercedes E-Class, or Audi A6. So, has the latest update been a successful one? Get all my thoughts now in this 4k review.

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44 thoughts on “Jaguar XF 2018 saloon in-depth review | Mat Watson Reviews

  1. 2:01 that’s not true, I’m 6’0 and I’m driven in one every day and it’s absolutely fine unless you’re a super tall person

  2. Legend has it, jaguar hasn't had a new look ever since..

    Ooh wait that's not a legend, that's just the truth. 😐

  3. If this man is entrusted to be a paradigm of how to drive safely . I frankly despair . Do the police advanced driving course first !

  4. I do think it is vice versa the old S-type and X-type looked so characteristic so british, and now.. it is just a car. Lost all its magic.

  5. I love jaguar cars and buggatis and i like this jaguar cuz ut kinda looks like a buggati and jaguar

  6. What the fuck have jaguar done the interior looks like a hyundai feels like it to merc beemer and audi must be laughing in their lederhosen seriously jaguar it's getting beyond a joke heads must roll you can't keep rewarding these kind of oversights

  7. Jaguars of old are elegant beautiful looking cars,modern jags just blend in with there German counterparts.

  8. Well Matt got to say you did not look very closely at the interior off the xf. Front door interior panel gaps go back an look atvtge door when closed and you will see large gap between the door trim and b pillar, large enough to see the door interior painted metal you can get your finger in . This is poor quality control
    You would find this on lesser brands such as Vauxhall vw Peugeot Citroen.
    You would never ever see thus on Lexus Audi bmw Mercedes etal
    Come on jaguar what are you playing at who's keeping an eye to your cars and the quality I expect thus poor quality issues from Tata or lada mahindrad cars but not jaguar
    Matt you need to look closer we need to show this unacceptable faults up it cost cutting a few pennies to far

  9. Many of them don't know jaguar is an Indian brand fedding approx 45000 thoused employees in Britain
    And Britishers are still saying they have power to rule India again. 😊😂😂

  10. I'd like to change Jaguar gears like Honda. I do not like people who do not work very well because I do not like to be crawling every time I start up, but it is not stable.

  11. What's with the big water bottle farce, are you going to drink 1.5 litres and spend most off the journey stopping for a piss,

  12. In all honesty, I've been scoping an XF for a few months now, mostly as it looks nice and the interior looks classy. It's a SUBJECTIVE thing and I find it appealing.

    However, I'm reading the comments and I'm not quite sure whether it's the right choice. What's a guy to choose for everyday commuting to work and back home, 90 miles a day, with approximately 70-90 miles per hour on highway?

    I'm currently driving a Nissan Qashqai and it gets quite loud on the highway.

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