Asta's Death In Black Clover Chapter 216 & Beyond!

After The Latest Chapter of Black Clover a “Morbid” Revelation Was Declared But Can We Really Trust It Leading Into Black Clover Chapter 216 & Beyond?



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28 thoughts on “Asta's Death In Black Clover Chapter 216 & Beyond!

  1. Remember me when you get to 1 million bro . I’ve been subscribed for a while, I believe in you and your content.

  2. If ASta dies and someone else is main character I’m Seriously gonna quit watch black clover. I MEAN like I’m gonna watch the series with yuno as MC

  3. Remember Julius said these are possibilities that could happen if they don't do something about it. So yeah Asta isn't going to die.

  4. The wizard king in the whole clover kingdom Will force rades to revive Asta if he somehow die

  5. It would be dope if asta died and then they go a whole arc without asta and then towards the end he gets revived.
    Meh something along those lines.

  6. The author said this was the ending of first part of 3 your not going to kill important characters to the plot. In first part

  7. After asta may die, let's hope that he finds a new home in his grimuar like where magic can be used as a way to give new breath. Like make asta go through a journey in the afterlife similar to the way Dante had his journey in dantes inferno.

  8. Listen Asta cah die if u wah a explanation to why i mean it's Asta that itself explains alot ….he not gonna die till he becomes the wizard king.

  9. When I read it first time. I was like .. shut up dude. You just came back to life. So what ? then I was like is it his demon ? Then I was like dang black clover ended. And they didn’t assume people would like it this much and needed to Make another story line

  10. i was thinking What if Asta is part Demon/Human half breed and the Demon inside him is his father. I was also thinking what if the reason Asta cant use magic is because of that Demon inside him maybe taking it all for himself or stopping Astas magic from showing in anyway so Asta can Use the anti magic swords to kill the other Demons who stand in his way or being the Demon king

  11. People always saying Asta can’t die he’s the MC but people forget so is Yuno at least as a secondary MC

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