Assassin's Creed Origins | Why I Like The Combat in AC Origins…

▶Today, we’re gonna be talking about the combat in Assassin’s Creed Origins and reasons why I like it. Many people think it isn’t great, they think it’s clunky, stuttery and generally very bad. In this video, I’m going to be going over the reasons why I really like the new Combat system in Assassin’s Creed.

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43 thoughts on “Assassin's Creed Origins | Why I Like The Combat in AC Origins…

  1. but its assassins creed, the word assassinate supposed to mean "killing people in a second with/without no one notice" not "combating people 1 by1 face to face" like that..this game should be called something else other than assassins creed..

  2. The best combat I've played is in the Arkham series. It was challenging due to different enemy types and really made you think. But at the same time you could get the satisfaction of pulling off combos and taking down multiple enemies in a cool way. I'd like assassins creed to follow that path.

  3. I feel like environmental interactions would be cool like smashing there head into a wall. Also I reckon more fluent target locking would make it less clunky looking. Keen to play but idk if it's worth gumbling a $100.

  4. I hate it
    They remove counter combat
    And what evade system is this
    Animation system are not good
    And when apply shield and go back or legt and right they make it faster and it is trash
    He looks likes he dance
    and when enimes run they run very fast and it is not normal

  5. The combat from a gameplay perspective is very good, I think. It's just that the animations are bad. Those spastic, exaggerated movements look stupid.

  6. Im really an AC fan. Im really disappointed in the combat system. Previous games makes you look like a more experienced assassin. This game is fun when you like games that are challenging and rpg like games.

  7. 1. Every kill should be a finisher move like in the old AC-s.
    2. Slow down the pace of the combat, because it looks ridicoulous when you are running like a crab with a drawn bow, or with a shield in your hand. In combat only walking should be allowed, this will make the combat to look so much better and realistic, especially for npc-s.

    I like the idea to copy witcher 3’s combat, because its one of the best combats that i ever played, but this seems like more Dark Souls to me than Witcher… In a game , what is based on our history , and it takes place in our world, and the characters are humans, the mechanics should be as real as possible… This looks so off and arcady…

  8. that big fucking axe looks silly and unpractical and doge is silly if it's there to use it as you please maybe a stamina bad to restrict it would been perfect don't try to copy ds and do it right at least pff..worst animations I ve seen dude don't try to defend it, it's their 1st attempt to something new so is understandable but don't try to make it look like it is something above mediocre. games have been focused over time in graphics and not revolutionizing gameplay 3 basic archetypes the Arkham kombat the dark souls kombat and the devil may cry kombat

  9. Combat suck BIG TIME…. assassins are high trening killers….. this look like he is boring clumsy aprentice….

  10. To be honest I also like it. But it doesnt fit for AC. It would have been great if this game was a new IP.

  11. The combat could be much better with some minor changes. As mentioned, the dodge distance is a bit too long, that you can not get to your enemy immediately after a dodge, when there is a window for attack. It would be much better if there could be a shorter dodge when a button is pressed and a longer dodge when holding same button.

  12. Does anyone know if all of the missions from the alpha gameplay and the gamescom demo are in the final game?

  13. Only reason why I hate the new system is because it lacks the flashy finishing animations and counters that all the other games had for example ac3 and unity had beautiful fluent combat. I'll prob still get this game and see for myself but the main reason I love assassins creed is the animation based combat this new system feels and looks nothing like ac

  14. People are upset because they cant just continuously one shot/shoulder check people like you could in AC4

  15. I hate how the animations feel and when you hit an enemy that shake that the screen does like a stutter in someone’s voice it makes he combat feel…unclean

  16. This Assassins Creed game more and more looks like Dark Souls. Thats a shame…I was that fan enjoyed the old AC combat, and didn't found it boring at all….instead it was adrenaline fun, because I always tried to Chain Execution Kills while I fought hordes of Templars. If you can't Chain Kills in this game, I'm simply just not going to buy it. I'll probably just going to rent it. I respect Ubisoft for trying to appeal to more gamers that didn't like the old combat, its just I'm not going to enjoy the slick over the top style combo kill execution fighting you could do while your surrounded by Templars. F*** u! To all of you that bitched about the old combat, you just never understood the depth of those mechanics. Google Chaining execution kills in AC: Brotherhood…just so you know what I'm referring to. To those that say they knew about it but didn't like it, YOU are liars. It was tricky do, you guys probably never mastered; and therefore you never had fun with it.

  17. I just cant get over the dashing… Its 2017 and like the 12th assassin's creed game, can we get some realistic animations people! Like some jumping or rolling or whatever but dashing? Like hes got some little rollers under his sandals… Its the little things

  18. Hi man! Love the video … i have a question though, is the combat a one hit button? Cause when I look at the vid I see mostly an spam of the same attack? I really hope its not, and its more like for honor, or ATLEAST somthing between so its not brainless. Thx for the feedback!

  19. I agree with everything but animations. I feel like having to build up the adrenaline meter to be able to do those awesome finisher animations makes them too rare. AC has a lot of signature things about it that all the games have (yeah Ash talked about breaking tradition, but why would you break an awesome tradition like this?) The leap of faith, hidden blade, parkour, all signature AC elements. I believe that awesome combat animations are a signature element as well.
    Like I said, I feel like they are too sparse and rare. What I think they should do is make it so the last enemy of the fight will trigger a finisher. That way, you're guaranteed at least one, every fight. I hate how Bayek would just hit a guy, he goes limp, and the fights over, then he just runs away. It's extremely anticlimactic.

    Also is there hidden blade combat? I know traditionally the player character would fight with two, but I think fighting with one hidden blade would be pretty sick.

    Edit: I have played the game and it does indeed trigger a finisher for the last person who saw you. Combat system is frankly pretty perfect imo

  20. Read the title, knew it was a kid who didn't grow up with the series, clicked the video…>Surprise, surprise. Oh yeah, lets change the formula that made this game what it is, and make it just like every other game out there.

  21. Wow how dare they change the combat system why would you take the core aspect of the game out this is what made Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed the combat system was so good other franchises carpet it like Arkham franchise and you take that core aspect out you guys are fucking morons if I wanted to go play Dark Souls I can go do that don't ruin a game like this they basically took Assassin's Creed Unity combat and gave it a Twist of Dark Souls 2 of the worst games ever made thanks for ruining my franchise you morons Assassin's Creed 3 has the best combat system in any Assassin's Creed game this game is going to suck so bad oh and please don't comment back I will school you in this category

  22. It is definitely a step in the right direction but needs to be polished and made fluid like unity without hurting its depth

  23. I saw a video saying that there will be a fixed camera during combat but I couldn't find any more information about that does anyone know if this is true

  24. I just don't understand why the camera has to shake every time you attack, maybe once I play it I wont have a problem with it but watching it here, it kinda sticks out for me :/ besides that the combat looks interesting but I do hope they will spend more time on it, do a few tweks based on the response that they got. And yeah his dodge looks a bit strange so hopefully they will do few changes to improve it. But also I ll most likely use bow and arrow most of the time and focus on seer and hunter skills so… yeah.

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