Assassin's Creed Origins Vs Odyssey (Which is Better?)


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36 thoughts on “Assassin's Creed Origins Vs Odyssey (Which is Better?)

  1. I'm not even watching this video I only put it on to put this comment we all know which is better that's all I got to say odyssey was disgusting

  2. Animation for main character in origins was much smoother. Odyssey was stiff and hero always looked like he had to take a shit.

  3. Played odyssey 1st, got pretty boring with the side quests and the ending was so underwhelming, didn't even finished the dlc it's just so tedious… then i played origins, and the story is so much better even the side quests are fun to play

  4. They made alexio's bloodline pretty significant in the storyline I don't see how that doesn't tie in to the main assasin Creed's story.

  5. Origins is such a detailed game that makes you so much invested in the game just sooo much better than odyssey, i mean odsy is good but not good enough to to beat origins

  6. the last assassin creed game i played was 3 so like i just got odyssey but after a few paychecks imma get origns i wanna start getting into the series again 😂

  7. Just bought Odyssey (haven’t played origins). For me, the period of history is just more interesting and visually Greece is stunning. Absolutely love it so far but interesting to hear Origins may be better though…

  8. Played both of them and i can easily say that Odyssey is much fun,Origins is just boring the skill tree is a huge joke imagine spending a point for hijacking LUL

  9. Odyssey is a great game, I think the DLCs redeemed the game and made it better. I genuinely loved playing Odyssey. Odyssey is a great game but it’s not a good Assassins creed game, except for the Legacy of the First Blade DLC, that was great all around.

    Edit: Neema sucked. I didn’t like Neema. She kinda ruined the DLC

  10. It's a easy answer for this question:
    Assassin's Creed Origins – made with love;
    Assassin's Creed Odyssey – made for the gold (a.k.a money).

  11. I like odyssey better I like assassins creed going into a more rpg route it’s not perfect but you can see they are leaning that way

  12. assasins creed origins is fucking awesome.
    the music,the characters the story, less magic bullshit ,and way more good looking assasin,
    i wont even bother playing AC Odissey

  13. Obviously I know everything about this is based off of opinion which is why I’m not scared to admit I hated origins and it’s the only game in the series I didn’t enjoy

  14. origins is definitely better. pretty sure origins had a few years of development. odyssey was release very soon after origins.

  15. I don't really care about the Assassin's creed part of the game so the combat as a whole bought me assassin's creed odyssey and Alexios portuguese dub is fucking awesome.

  16. I love oddesey but the main story was long and confusing. Orgins on the other hand was Fun and adventures but the level system kinda made it harder and the removal of the one shot hidden blade was bad but I prefer orgins

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