Assassin's Creed Origins – Easy Allies Review

Assassins Creed refines a decade old formula and tells an engaging story in a unique setting.

Written by Michael Huber
Video Edited by Don Casanova
Reviewed on Xbox One X
Available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Our ratings: 5 Stars – Masterful, 4 Stars – Excellent, 3 Stars – Decent, 2 Stars – Inferior, 1 Star – Terrible

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45 thoughts on “Assassin's Creed Origins – Easy Allies Review

  1. My biggest complaint with Origins is that it really lacks a lot of replay value. I’ve already completed every side-quest, killed all of the Phylakes, raided every tomb, looted every fort, and completed both of the Arenas, and I just don’t really have the motivation to click NEW GAME

  2. Bring the game BACK TO EGYPT! RE-WRITE BAYEK! Give us CHALLENGING CLIMBING – – challenging, skill-based mechanics to make climbing fun…and give the potential for CONSEQUENCE of FALLING. Why does climbing have to be.. turn off your brain, and hold a button? Why can't there be timing, and skill involved? Does one not want to feel excitement, and "fear" as they climb the highest tower in the game, knowing the risk of falling to their death? Does one NOT want to feel the sense of adrenaline and excitement, as they time the next jump, grasp the next ledge, knowing it all could be over in single mistake?

    The ENTIRETY OF THIS GAME REVOLVES AROUND … CLIMBING – – Yet, there is not a single breath, a single experience, or fundamental mechanic that presents the SLIGHTEST aspect of CHALLENGE, or SKILL.

    ALSO – Why can't TOMBS… be illustrious, thought-provoking achievements and discoveries, with puzzles that provoke an intelligent, thinking-mind, that provides the feeling of true satisfaction, within accomplishment – – not super linear, A to B set paths, with puzzles that an incredibly dimwitted mind could figure out in seconds. DON'T BE DISTRACTED BY PRETTY GRAPHICS.

    It was such a shame and disappointment to see Egypt be wasted on the most lazily, and terribly written story within the franchise, and be such a significant DEPARTURE FROM STEALTH – – the core of what makes this game, and created it's fans.

    You want to make this franchise/game an RPG – Okay! HOWEVER – that does NOT mean, that there has to be 3 incredibly fundamentally simplistic, and STREAMLINED class options! < – – – – This structure of game design INNATELY DESTROYS THE …. *DEPTH IN HAVING ULTIMATE FREEDOM IN DESIGNING YOUR CLASS/CHARACTER HOW YOU WANT TO BE.* It DESTROYS any and all potential for the ability/freedom to tool your character to be entirely one preferred playstyle – – meaning, you are FORCED to COMBINE ALL PLAYSTYLES. The entirety of all their games of this franchise up to Origins REVOLVED AROUND STEALTH – and now, the entirety of all those fans are now FORCED to play otherwise? < ——— Sounds to me like the developers/publishers HATE THEIR OWN FANS.


  3. I never get these games, they always seem bland or boring to me. I tried playing the 1st one, and then black flag years later. I just couldn't get into them.

  4. Damn dude how I missed your voice!! I’m glad I found you guys again, was very sad when I heard GT was shutting down… my favorite review site since it pretty much launched. Anyways good to know you guys are good and back in action! Much love!

  5. I disagree with most of the review. After playing for more that 50 hours I think it is the best AC so far. I enjoyed the main story and the sidequests were a huge step up from the previous only-4-kinds-of-sidequest model. Now every quest has it's own story and dialog and there are a few chained quests that allow you to follow on some secondary characters. I like this game more than Horizon (and I really enjoyed Horizon). The world is very big and diverse, you get a surprising amount of variety for a game you'd expect to be pretty much 100% desert. The combat is not great, I'd say it is about as generic as the witcher's, but it is still a big improvement compared to any previous AC. Highly recommended for AC fans, as the review said. Personal score: 8.5

  6. Edit: I spoke too harshly. I let my anger at what they did to the combat/stealth system (and every choice that knocked on from that) get to me. I'm sorry for that.

    Otherwise, it's a decent-very good game. It just took me leveling up to 20+ to be able to really enjoy it, because so much of the progression is held back behind a heavy grind (to push mtx). The story is decent so far, the environment is awesome, and breasts are beautiful, so I'm glad they're not hiding that anymore in AC, other than Aya's love scenes, which is odd. The racing is great. The animals are great. Being able to tame the animals and watch them in action is great.

    And that's where the positives outweigh my lamentation over the loss of my favorite action/stealth gameplay in the industry. It's not what it could have been, but it's still a good game overall.

  7. I played far cry 4, ghost recon wildlands and now this. All games are graphically beautiful and that is it. Same old formula doing same things, also stories in these games are not interesting. Like someone said, big beautiful game but without soul.

  8. Okay, nice, great, so when do I get to play the inevitable Assassin's Creed game that'll be set in feudal Japan?

  9. easily one of the best games in the series. the artists in this game are phenomenal in the design and architecture.

  10. I don't think decent should be the pick. yes, it might be effected by micro transaction but the game is good and surely the best game I have played by far this year. my goty. I don't know why reviewers (small one) act so grown up ass. it is 4 (eyes closed) and can be 5. I see negative comments and game deserves positive and thats because of ‘these’ reviews. sure, you'll give any other game which does not has past like ubi 4 or 5 (eyes) closed. so sheeps, go on and play what you want, loot boxes everywhere

    honestly I did think you could have review it way more and at least end up saying 4! it has a beautiful world, 40+ hours in it and yet to discover and cover alot instead of 40 hours to unlock a fcking character. even games like hzd was not ‘fun’ compare to this one though it looked beautiful.

    I'll ask everyone, don't go with any reviewers, neither big like IGN, Games Radar, Game spot. see comments on video not a review video and see people's response but be careful these days people make ‘opinions’ before the even played it. for aco everywhere you'll find one Comment “40 hrs still playing and alot to discover, fking Awesome” and it is not done by ubi (lol)

    as far as this game is concerned, buy it, if you don't like it, I'll give you your refund.

    not a ubi fan, this was my first ac game

    p.s I don't like edited comments

  11. Unlike Egyptian movie of the past and present, the game at least have gotten the ethnic identity accurately correct.

  12. Yes it's good to hear that familiar "Game Trailers" voice and the well written and executed reviews again! Nice work, Michael!

  13. I've wanted an AC set in Egypt for a long time and wow I can't believe how good this is. I've put 15h and I can say already this is my favorite AC game to date and one of my favorite games in general.

    It's amazing how they recreate that era, combat is addicting, stealth feels so good, the BOW feels amazing, climbing feels natural (at last), the rpg elements are great, the animals are so real and terrifiying, SENU is amazing, one of the bests things the game has. Overall I recommend this game, is a must.

  14. Really disappointed, I think Jones should have reviewed this one. But I respect Huber's opinion nonetheless.

  15. Personally I love this game. It has lots of elements from great open world games like, zelda, dark souls and the witcher mixed together well to make a really enjoyable game. Easily 4.5 stars for me.

  16. My review on Assassin's Creed Origins is this. First off it lacked a good storyline. I feel that part of the best mechanism of the Assassin's Creed franchise, is the emotional content that connects you to the story ark, & the character you're playing. I feel that Bayek didn't have any strong supporting background characters, Whether it was opposite character, or another strong leading character such as his wife Aya. I felt as though the trip to Egypt was a waste. Not because of the setting but because of the fact they could've tied a lot of things up with this story. Such as the iso & man split, the Templar order & the forming of the Egyptian Brotherhood of Assassin's. I really was looking for Ubisoft to give us a story like Horizon Zero Dawn. Which by the way had a really good dynamic range to it. I felt as though because this game is such a popular title the developer's should've polished this tittle like it was going to be the last. As far as game play, graphics design, & new features such as Senu. I thought the did very well on. Anyway those are just some of the short comings I saw as a player from a player prospective. I thought the tittle was a big let down.

  17. A medieval Japan Assassin's Creed might look corny bec next year Ghost of Tsushima might be an interesting game

  18. Let's be frank: Assassin's Creed 1 wasn't much more than a rough draft, only the second one actually set down the "blueprint" for the rest of the series. Sadly, not much seems to have changed since then and the main issues from back then (i.e. bland and repetitive side missions with barely any connection to anything in the game's "world") still plague the series.

  19. I feel like this will be the most underrated game of the year. The amount of detail they’ve put into this game is beyond amazing. It never feels empty or lifeless, not even the vast miles of dessert. They added some neat mirage effects.

  20. Not a fan of so many games having numbers pop up when you do damage to any enemy. I assume it's quite useful info, but I can't imagine the art team was in favour of that. Isn't the health bar enough feedback for the player?

  21. Just a heads up but the Xbox one X enhanced download isn’t available yet — so using that against it isn’t exactly fair. Frame rate and details could very well be much improved when it’s out.

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