Amazfit GTS: 30 Days Review & 10 Things You MUST Know

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I’ve been using the Amazfit GTS for more than 30 days now and this is 10 things you absolutely NEED to know before buying the Amazfit GTS. No doubt is it a great smartwatch that comes with an affordable price. However, watch this to find out if it is the smartwatch for you!

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49 thoughts on “Amazfit GTS: 30 Days Review & 10 Things You MUST Know

  1. Hello you! This is a pretty long video but you'll know EVERYTHING you might need to know about this smartwatch after watching it. So sit back, hang tight, and take a 10 min break! 😁😁

  2. Still GPS has issues on GTS watch after the latest updates? I had Amazfit stratos watch earlier, and it took time to sync to GPS. But Amazfit BIP syncs to GPS within 15 seconds.

  3. A nice looking watch but another one I could not own due to the touch feature. These things have a mind of their own when I'm out in the rain or if I am sweating they just start turning on and off and changing modes on their own! Can we get back to physical buttons please?

  4. Does anyone know any fitness tracker on cheaper side that has auto exercise recognition

  5. hey bro what about touch and other quality. actually i want to think purchase this watch.? is it good deal or not? plz can you gave me suggestion??

  6. That's crap…strange things men…the GPS works so great for me …I don't understand why some people get such different results from the same product!!

  7. This watch not have Assisted GPS future. That why gps taking long time to locked.

  8. I purchsed this watched based on your review. It is amazing. I love all the fit apps. It has everything that everyday people would use.The watch screen is amazing. Looks well in direct sunlight.

  9. Why are you NOT honest and say the full truth about this watch? Its GPS tracking is terrible: from time to first fix, to failing to lock on to a GPS signal, constantly loosing the GPS signal and finally inaccurate GPS tracking — it shows me walking through walls or walking on water in the middle of a river bed! Do not buy this watch.

  10. This is really, really good review for really, really good smart watch and I really, really enjoyed watching it. 🙂

    I can see that there are some things in Chinese, can you change the language? Or there are some things that will always be in Chinese? Thanks for the video, really useful 😉😉

  12. I see elsewhere that Amazfit patched the GPS… has that improved the performance on the GTS???

    My current fitbit is dying, and I'm considering moving to an Amazfit GTS or GTR, but I am very torn between them…. GPS performance might be the deciding factor for me


  13. THANKS LIM GREAT REVIEW.. thanks for all the different links in description. can you turn off always on display and how do you download different watch faces?

  14. Has anyone face the problem that WhatsApp message only shows the oldest unread message instead of pop up the latest one.. ?

  15. Can you combine it with some app so that you can track your heart rate continuously throughout the day to see your daily average heart rate and maybe weekly average? I don't want to track exercise heart rate only, but my resting heart rate as well.

  16. I love this watch. I ordered a different iwatch-style wristband for it because I really am not a fan of the stock wristband.

  17. Excellent review, thanks!

    I apologize if I missed it but is this watch water resistant?

    Thanks again.

  18. Personally the grey strap (which perhaps come with the gts/stock) look nicer on u but thats just my 2 cents..btw gud reviews,long but comprehensive. Keep up ur (moderate??) style wish u gud futures..stay safe bro.
    Correct me,but I always thought u r from Msia. If so I really appreciate if u cld provides the prices in MYR as well.,no big deal if u can't coz I'm just being lazy here hehehe

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