2017 Jaguar XF Diesel Review

The natural characteristics of a diesel engine are not thought of as luxurious; no one wants a loud, coarse engine under the hood of a luxury cruiser.

But it has been proven in recent years, mainly by the big three German automakers, that diesel can indeed be used in luxury cars when the necessary steps are taken to refine the engine.

Now there is another automaker in North America that thinks that diesel and luxury should mix: Jaguar.

For 2017, Jaguar is introducing its small 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel into both the XF and the smaller XE, and in the XF’s case, the car stands in a class of one, at least for now. That’s because the Audi A6 no longer offers a diesel, the Mercedes E-Class won’t offer a new diesel until next year, and the BMW 5 Series diesel hasn’t shown up on the market yet either, though it has been promised.


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34 thoughts on “2017 Jaguar XF Diesel Review

  1. Diesel is the engine you want for highway driving. It's not a coincidence that the huge 18 wheeler trucks you see on superhighways are powered by diesels.

  2. Honey, it's a 4 cylinder diesel. And this is one of the most refined ones out there. Oh sorry i forgot the Muricans never really get diesel luxury cars.

  3. It's not a Jaguar engine, it's a Ford 2.0 TDCI diesel unit that comes in various states of tune (150, 180, 210 PS) found in the Focus, Edge, C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy. Oh, and it's Jag-you-ah not Jag-warrrr.

  4. They should take some tips from Chevy's new diesel in their Cruze. I can't stand Chevy's but their diesel is nearly as quiet as a gas engine.

  5. Great review! Love it when you state a problem and then follow it up with a specific example. It's refreshing that this is done as most reviewers just state very generic terms and never give examples. Thank you

  6. Jaguars are Excellent cars!!! You listen to some of the new Merc/ Bm diesels they are sloppy and noisy especially the 2.0 we have one it's horrible! The suspension is also much better on a Jaguar 🇬🇧👍

  7. You should coordinate the filming and the final script; show what your talking about while you're talking about it. I think it'll make the videos more interesting and enjoyable to watch

  8. stop complaining about diesel clatter the people who buy a diesel don't care and there is a choice to buy a petrol

  9. Ya gotta get your limbs under control while talking…seriously,your hands go AB-SO-LUTE-LY bonkahs when you're talking.

  10. BMW just announced they're bringing the 540d to North America and that thing's got a proper engine. This thing's just a fuel economy special.

  11. Next time, try to record the sound of the diesel engine, so who's watching can know if its so bad or not

  12. Good video here, just one thing. If the diesel is that noisy, why not show us how loud the chatter is etc.? I do want one in a BADDD way, such a good looking car.

  13. I'm sorry but I'm so tired of seeing this guy reviewing cars. He is so fucking BLAND!! Plus he also makes every car look so damn cramped inside!

  14. I'm not sure a diesel is all that worth it. More expensive to maintain. Yes it may be more durable in the long run but don't most people get rid of luxury cars in 3-6 years? Just get the gas one, enjoy the extra HP and have fun

  15. It's not a "stereotype". Diesel sounds like a tractor (especially 4-pots) and smells like shit and it gets always worse in time. And it's cancerous.

  16. If you get to drive the Volvo XC90 with a diesel engine, then you know you are driving a luxury diesel.

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