मत कहो ‘I Love You ❤️️' Learn 20 New English Phrases to express your Love | English Speaking Lesson

मत कहो ‘I Love You’ – Learn 20 New English Phrases to express your Love | English Speaking Lesson with Jenny #englishphrases #valentinesday #learnenglish

Are you about to propose or express your love💘, don’t say ‘I love you’ It’s so overused and boring. In this English speaking lesson with Jenny learn 20 new English phrases to say I love you to someone you really love. Surprise them with these new English expressions and make them fall in love with you. Make them say a perfect yes to your proposal. We always make sure to bring you a new English learning experience to make you speak fluent English. Speak English confidently with our English lessons through Hindi and confidently express your love this Valentine’s day.

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  2. आपकी smile इतनी ज्यादा awesome हैं कि देखते वक़्त voice सुनाई ही नही देती बस आपकी expression में खो जाता हूँ। 10 से अधिक बार video play कर चुका हूँ… But अंदर से आवाज़ आती हैं इक बार और देख।

  3. you complete me
    you are thelove of my life
    you mean the world to me
    you are light of my life
    i am crazy about you

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